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A MESSAGE TO our community

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

JONAH is a community organization focused on bringing groups of people together to make our community a more just and equitable place. Since its founding in 2006, JONAH has been a part of the civic fabric of Battle Creek and Calhoun County and has done a great deal in the community, such as:

► Launching task forces around the issues of education, economy and race
► Helping to develop a job training program
► Convening candidate forums and nonpartisan voter registration drives

We have also helped to get street lights repaired and replaced, making neighborhoods safer. In addition, we have advocated for better access to health care and public transportation.

Our of the dozens of non-profits we have in Calhoun County, JONAH is unique. Our focus on organizing people to work together under common concerns is now more vital than ever. We encourage people to teach one another – to find the real issues and figure out how to solve them.

Although “social justice” may no longer be popular to talk about during this period of economic contraction, it is more important then ever if we want to see our community prosper again. To succeed as a community we need a shared space and vision. That’s why JONAH continues to do the work of bringing people from different perspectives together around a common theme: How can we make our community reflect the faith and values we confess to hold?

JONAH continues to move forward with a renewed commitment to do deep work around race, identity, and economic access. With new projects like community gardens and summer youth employment, we will help develop the skills and visions of a new generation so they can dream of how the world could be and have the faith and confidence to begin the work together.

To learn more, call us at (269) 660-1950 or e-mail info@jonahbc.org. Welcome!

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a recent editorial on jonah

The following editorial appeared in the Battle Creek Enquirer on 7/27/13. It is entitled "United, communities of faith can advance justice." We encourage you to read this important message for everyone in our community! Read editorial now

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